Trauma Kits pivotal in Saving Lives

Trauma Kit

Having a trauma kit on hand can be the difference between life and death in the event of a severe injury. Trauma can occur anytime and anywhere, so it is important for emergency personnel to be outfitted with a trauma kit. When applied within the first six minutes, trauma kits give the victim a 90 percent chance of survival.

So what is in a trauma kit? It consists of simple tools, scissors, an airway, and a military style bandage. It may not seem like much, but in the right hands these items can save a life. There are also more complex tactical trauma kits that contain even more emergency supplies, including:

• Blood stoppers
• Inhalants
• Splints
• CPR mouthpieces
• Survival and rescue gear

Any emergency personnel, such as an EMT, first responder, firefighter, or police officer, should be equipped with a trauma kit. Currently in Indianapolis, the Fraternal Order of Police Foundation is raising money to equip every police officer with a life-saving emergency trauma kit. The kits are extremely durable and practical, with the ability to be thrown to other officers who need them in the event of a fire fight. The fundraising effort was set in motion after a police officer and army veteran used his own homemade trauma kit to save another officer who was shot twice by a fleeing murder suspect.

A trauma kit could save lives during a serious emergency situation. Professional emergency personnel and civilians alike should have a trauma kit available and take the necessary training to properly administer it during an emergency. Having a trauma kit and knowing how to use it could one day help save someone’s life.

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Alabama Proposes Sales Tax Holiday for Emergency Preparedness

Alabama Tornado DestructionMany Alabama residents know all too well the aftermath of a disaster, having endured a record breaking tornado season in 2011. Weather forecasters are concerned about the potential for a similar spate of extreme weather this year. In an effort to raise public awareness, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley proclaimed February 19-24 Severe Weather Awareness Week.

Governor Bentley also proposed a sales tax holiday on emergency supplies. This once per year tax reprieve would help Alabama residents stock up on items such as NOAA weather radios, first aid supplies, and emergency kits. The governor warns:

“The key is readiness. When storms strike, it’s too late to prepare. Let’s prepare now.”

The governor’s proposal has not officially been introduced into the Alabama State Legislature, but it is finding support from community leaders. Additionally, regions nationwide are vulnerable to the whims and fury of weather events and should heed Governor Bentley’s warning. The proactive strategies in Alabama should encourage other communities to evaluate the threats they face and prepare for emergencies.

Stores become depleted of emergency supplies soon after disaster strikes. Water supplies can become contaminated and food shortages are a threat. Households and disaster relief agencies can improve emergency preparedness by maintaining disaster supply kits including emergency food, water purification, and first aid supplies.

It is the unfortunate nature of weather related disasters that they are unpredictable. Emergency preparedness is a fundamental necessity of survival. Plan ahead and stock an emergency kit to help you contend with weather related disasters. Consider the shortages you may experience and stock up on supplies to help you survive.

Alabama residents have learned the lesson to prepare a survival kit from experience. Fortunately, many people won’t have to learn this lesson the hard way. The state of Alabama has done a service to the nation in bringing awareness to emergency preparedness. Avoid being caught without food and other emergency supplies by taking proper precautions today.