Choosing a Brand of Freeze Dried Food: Wise, Mountain House, or Lindon Farms

Mountain House Freeze Dried FoodNatural disasters come in all types. Some lock you inside your home or leave you isolated for days at a time, while others require swift and unpredictable evacuation. So, shouldn’t your emergency preparedness plan, including food storage, be adapted for the type of natural disaster you potentially may face? In preparing for an emergency, consider the conditions to which your area is most prone, and choose your freeze dried food wisely.

Although starting your food storage with basics is recommended, your emergency supply should require minimal preparation and, in some cases, be able to go along with you. There’s no right emergency kit, so consider the benefits and possible drawbacks of popular brands of freeze-dried foods.

Mountain House is one of the most well-known. With freeze-dried foods packaged in #10 cans, Mountain House kits have a 25-year or longer shelf life and, with already-prepared meals, provide variety for each meal of the day. With Mountain House, add pasta, proteins, eggs, and vegetables to your diet of grains, beans, and milk. #10 cans, however, contain several servings, so, if you go with Mountain House, additionally have a plan for storing all leftovers, which must be eaten within a year from opening.

Wise Food Storage is another prominent brand. With a similar variety of entrees and breakfast items, Wise considers easy transport with its kits. Although meals are packaged in airtight mylar pouches, a bucket holds all servings. In the event of an emergency, one or more buckets can be quickly grabbed. Additionally, the two-serving pouches are a solution to the leftovers conundrum.

Lindon Farms eliminates the need for basics, as kits allow an individual to live off 2,000 calories per day. A full year’s supply can essentially be purchased at once. With mylar pouches holding five to 10 servings of entrees, breakfast times, fruits, or vegetables, Lindon Farms also uses buckets for grab-and-go instances. Because the pouches contain several servings, however, have a plan for storing the leftover freeze-dried food.