Survival Supply Specials running until March 31st

Survival Supply, official government and military contractor and number one website for survival gear, will be running specials on certain items until the end of the month. All of the special items come with free shipping to the Continental United States and have discounted prices. Here are some of the specials you can take advantage of until March 31st!

Emergency Food

In the event of a natural disaster or emergency, food will become a commodity. With Survival Supply’s pre-packaged food you can have 60 servings of food that only need water to prepare. The emergency freeze dry meat grab and go kit has a shelf life of up to 15 years and if you order before Match 31st you will get 20 bonus servings of rice. The kit contains REAL food and is perfect for emergency use or camping. Here are some items that are inside of the emergency food kit:Emergency Food

• Roasted Chicken (12 Servings)
• Southwest Style Chicken (12 Servings)
• Savory Roasted Ground Beef (12 Servings)
• Stroganoff Style Beef (8 Servings)
• Cheesy Ground Beef (8 Servings)
• Teriyaki Style Chicken (8 Servings)

Emergency Preparedness Mini Backpack

Emergency preparedness backpacks, or “Go Bags”, are popular among preppers. They are a great way to have the essentials ready in an easy to carry bag in the event you must flee your home quickly. The emergency preparedness mini backpack that Survival Supply has on sale is for one person and has the essentials needed to survive for three days. Some of the items that will be inside this go bag are:

• Instant cold packEmergency Preparedness Mini Backpack
• Emergency food bar
• 12 drinking waters
• Emergency blanket
• Hand warmers
• Flashlight
• Batteries
• Waterproof matches
• Utility Knife
• First aid supplies

Digital AM/FM/Weather and NOAA Radio

An AM/FM/Weather and NOAA radio can be an important tool in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. The Kaito weather radio for sale on the Survival Supply website uses three AAA batteries, is compact, and has several functions and features. The radio is connected to the Emergency Alert System (EAS) through the National Weather Radio (NWR) network that is provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA). This feature will automatically activate the radio to inform you of any hazardous weather conditions or warnings, including natural, environmental, and public safety while the radio is set to the “Alert” mode. The radio is capable of both AM and FM and is digitally programmed with 7-channels.

NOAA Radio

Why You Should Have an Emergency Preparedness Kit

Survival Supply

Firefighters, EMTs, and emergency responders all carry emergency preparedness bags. It is their job to work quickly and efficiently, so they have to be prepared. To aid them in doing so, emergency bags are created so they can have all the basic supplies and gear easily accessible. What happens when emergency personnel is not quickly available because of natural disaster or other event? What could the average person do? With an emergency preparedness kit, anyone will have the basic amenities needed to survive for at least 72 hours.

An emergency preparedness kit will already be packed with all of the things you would need to help you survive for at least three days on your own. It should be in an easily accessible place in case you have to evacuate your home quickly. The kit will help you whether you need to grab it and go quickly or if you have to stay inside. There are different kits that will provide the basic needs for an individual, family, school, or workplace. Each kit, either in a bucket or bag, will contain things like emergency food rations, clean water, and first aid supplies. You never know if you will be alone or with others when an emergency happens. There are emergency preparedness kits that can support one person up to four people. The kits are inexpensive, so it could pay off in the future if you have an extra one. Having more is better in the event of an emergency.

When looking for an emergency preparedness kit, be sure to get one specific to your needs. Make sure the kit has enough supplies to provide for every person in your family. Always have one available at school, your work, and even in your car because you never know when an emergency will happen. You can never be over prepared for an emergency.

Doomsday Preppers

If you have not seen the show “Doomsday Preppers” on the National Geographic network, you may not know about this new trend. TheDoomsday Preppersse people are very real and do exist. They believe they must prepare for such disasters as an economic collapse, pandemics, nuclear disaster, and even a zombie apocalypse.

Preparing for the End of the World

The movement of “preppers” has gone nationwide and many people have begun to get their family and homes ready for the possibility of the end of the world. Some of the doomsday preppers believe certain events will be the downfall of mankind, while others prepare for anything. Some prepare their homes with a massive food and water supply, while others try to make their homes self sustaining.

One family in Phoenix, Arizona have converted their pool into a greenhouse that also has chickens, a pond that contains thousands of tilapia fish, and even two goats for milk. There are a wide range of preppers and their level of dedication is different. While some, like the family in Arizona, prepare to be self sufficient, others stock up on food in case it is hard to come by for a few months. Some preppers even have doomsday shelters that they have built underground as a place they can retreat to in the even of a national emergency. MBug our Bagany preppers have a “bug out” bag that has all of their essential needs to survive for 72 hours. You can find emergency preparedness bags similar to this online.

With more and more people wanting to be better prepared for anything the demand for these types of supplies is up. Large distributors who normally sell to big businesses are now opening their doors to preppers who want to purchase foods in bulk that have high shelf lives. It is possible to buy prepackaged meals with hundreds of servings that you can store in the case of an emergency. Solar powered generators, water barrels, water filters, and emergency radios are very popular items that can be found sold online.

There many extremes when it comes to preppers. Some people just want to be cautious and have a food supply, while others stock up on guns to get ready for the zombie apocalypse. If you are a prepper and need supplies, or are thinking of being a prepper, you can find everything you need online. While what preppers do may seem a bit ridiculous, like they always say, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Solar Radio & Hand Crank Radios

orange emergency radioDisaster can strike at any time.  That’s what being prepared is all about.  Taking the precautions ahead of time to ensure survival through a tumultuous event is a wise choice.  The possibility that you may be without electricity isn’t only possible, it is actually probable in severe circumstances.  Even after nothing more than strong thunder storms are millions of people in America left without electricity for extended periods of time.

To have food and water stored in the event of an emergency is smart, but what about communications?  If you are without power, how will you be able to stay connected with the outside world andanother orange emergency radio. get news about what’s happening?  Having an emergency radio on hand with the rest of your survival supplies is the smart choice.  They’re available in a wide variety of styles and can be cranked by hand, or solar powered, or both.

The best option is to get a survival radio with as many features as possible in case they come in handy during or following a catastrophe. most advanced emergency radio Survival Supply sells the most advanced emergency radio online and has many others from which to choose, as well.  A solar radio passively powered by the sun or a hand crank radio that uses manual power and a dynamo to generate electricity will be something you’re very glad to have when you need to see if anyone is broadcasting in your area after a disaster.

Even in the relatively benign event of just being without electricity due to a power outage, a radio you can charge manually or with the sun’s light can be of great advantage if you want to listen to something other than silence.


Eat Like an Astronaut with Freeze Dried Food

Freeze Dried FoodFreeze dried food is a tasty and wholesome option for food storage as part of planning for emergency situations. It’s also great for on the go meals when camping or traveling. All that is needed to prepare freeze dried food options is clean water. An on hand food supply in times of crisis enables you to maintain energy levels and increase your health and survival.

Many museums and novelty shops sell delicious freeze dried ice cream as a souvenir, because freeze dried food was created as a way to preserve food for long term space exploration. People may think of it as astronaut food. The long shelf life and quality of freeze dried food options make them an essential part of emergency preparedness and handy for camping and travel.

The unpredictable nature of emergencies makes preparation with emergency food a key to surviving difficult times. Families should keep a supply of freeze dried foods on hand for extended power outages and other emergencies. Freeze dried food items are available in quantities to last a couple of days to quantities to last years. A few servings of freeze dried food are a good addition to a safety kit stored in the trunk of your automobile as well. If you spend a lot of time hiking or camping, freeze dried food is a smart addition to your travel gear.

Nutritious freeze dried foods retain color, texture, and nutrition. Ready prepared meal options as well as fruits and vegetables gain a shelf life of 25 years with freeze drying. Freeze dried meats last up to 15 years. Many people enjoy freeze dried fruits without re-hydrating as a snack item. Delicious freeze dried entrees are available for each meal of the day and are a staple of survival kits. Preparation is simple; just add water and in a short time, you can enjoy soups, pasta, cereal, and more.

Preppers and the Zombie Apocalypse

ZombiesPeople have been forecasting the end of the world throughout history. Doomsday prophecies are nothing new. What is novel and gaining popularity is extreme disaster preparedness. With broad media coverage bringing stories of weather, war, epidemics, and more from around the world into the framework of our everyday lives, people logically become a little anxious. End of the world paranoia can make finding a balance between living for the moment and planning for the future a challenge.

The truth is that an extreme weather event or other emergency could strike at any time, and preparing for emergency situations with survival supplies is quite sensible. Unfortunately, many people may feel the hoopla over the end of the world is unwarranted and blown out of proportion and fail to prepare for much more likely emergency events. Fires, sickness, power outages, and severe weather are not uncommon. Having first aid supplies and emergency food on hand to contend with these emergencies is responsible behavior and shouldn’t be scoffed.

Taking doomsday preparation to the extreme, people known as preppers are preparing for global catastrophic events. Preppers will certainly be ready for isolated emergency scenarios, but their goal is to survive cataclysmic disaster. Preppers stockpile survival supplies and develop detailed survival strategies.

Modern mythology meets real life when preppers plan for the potential of a zombie apocalypse. In the event of world-wide disaster, preppers refer to desperate humans that resort to violent measures to survive as zombies. Preppers get ready for the zombie apocalypse with self-defense and self-preservation measures such as emergency bunkers, weapons, and supplies of food, water, first aid and medicine. Only time will tell if this extreme emergency preparation is warranted, but anyone looking to improve survival odds in the event of more typical emergencies can learn from these dedicated people.

Alabama Proposes Sales Tax Holiday for Emergency Preparedness

Alabama Tornado DestructionMany Alabama residents know all too well the aftermath of a disaster, having endured a record breaking tornado season in 2011. Weather forecasters are concerned about the potential for a similar spate of extreme weather this year. In an effort to raise public awareness, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley proclaimed February 19-24 Severe Weather Awareness Week.

Governor Bentley also proposed a sales tax holiday on emergency supplies. This once per year tax reprieve would help Alabama residents stock up on items such as NOAA weather radios, first aid supplies, and emergency kits. The governor warns:

“The key is readiness. When storms strike, it’s too late to prepare. Let’s prepare now.”

The governor’s proposal has not officially been introduced into the Alabama State Legislature, but it is finding support from community leaders. Additionally, regions nationwide are vulnerable to the whims and fury of weather events and should heed Governor Bentley’s warning. The proactive strategies in Alabama should encourage other communities to evaluate the threats they face and prepare for emergencies.

Stores become depleted of emergency supplies soon after disaster strikes. Water supplies can become contaminated and food shortages are a threat. Households and disaster relief agencies can improve emergency preparedness by maintaining disaster supply kits including emergency food, water purification, and first aid supplies.

It is the unfortunate nature of weather related disasters that they are unpredictable. Emergency preparedness is a fundamental necessity of survival. Plan ahead and stock an emergency kit to help you contend with weather related disasters. Consider the shortages you may experience and stock up on supplies to help you survive.

Alabama residents have learned the lesson to prepare a survival kit from experience. Fortunately, many people won’t have to learn this lesson the hard way. The state of Alabama has done a service to the nation in bringing awareness to emergency preparedness. Avoid being caught without food and other emergency supplies by taking proper precautions today.

Choosing a Brand of Freeze Dried Food: Wise, Mountain House, or Lindon Farms

Mountain House Freeze Dried FoodNatural disasters come in all types. Some lock you inside your home or leave you isolated for days at a time, while others require swift and unpredictable evacuation. So, shouldn’t your emergency preparedness plan, including food storage, be adapted for the type of natural disaster you potentially may face? In preparing for an emergency, consider the conditions to which your area is most prone, and choose your freeze dried food wisely.

Although starting your food storage with basics is recommended, your emergency supply should require minimal preparation and, in some cases, be able to go along with you. There’s no right emergency kit, so consider the benefits and possible drawbacks of popular brands of freeze-dried foods.

Mountain House is one of the most well-known. With freeze-dried foods packaged in #10 cans, Mountain House kits have a 25-year or longer shelf life and, with already-prepared meals, provide variety for each meal of the day. With Mountain House, add pasta, proteins, eggs, and vegetables to your diet of grains, beans, and milk. #10 cans, however, contain several servings, so, if you go with Mountain House, additionally have a plan for storing all leftovers, which must be eaten within a year from opening.

Wise Food Storage is another prominent brand. With a similar variety of entrees and breakfast items, Wise considers easy transport with its kits. Although meals are packaged in airtight mylar pouches, a bucket holds all servings. In the event of an emergency, one or more buckets can be quickly grabbed. Additionally, the two-serving pouches are a solution to the leftovers conundrum.

Lindon Farms eliminates the need for basics, as kits allow an individual to live off 2,000 calories per day. A full year’s supply can essentially be purchased at once. With mylar pouches holding five to 10 servings of entrees, breakfast times, fruits, or vegetables, Lindon Farms also uses buckets for grab-and-go instances. Because the pouches contain several servings, however, have a plan for storing the leftover freeze-dried food.