NEMT All-In-One Kits

Even if you have not used Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services, there is still a good chance that you know at least one person that has a strong dependency on the services. NEMT services have been becoming more of a necessity with demand being higher than ever, and are critical for patients to get to and from their medical appointments, hospitals, pharmacies or urgent care when they are unable to otherwise.

As the name implies, these trips are non-emergencies and have no immediate threat to the health and well-being of the patient, but are still indispensable if the patient is unable to transport themselves for a variety of reasons such as either not having a license or being unable to operate a vehicle. Due to the medical-related nature of NEMT, there are strict regulations in place in which the transportation providers must meet for the benefit of both the patients and drivers.

The NEMT kits offered at Survival Supply are designed to help meet compliance with DOT and OSHA regulations. Equipped with components like mountable automotive fire extinguishers, DOT triangles, and blood borne pathogen / body fluid spill kits, our NEMT kits have just the supplies needed to deal with any situations that arise.

People can be unpredictable especially if they may have any medical conditions that involve bodily fluids, so a Blood Borne Pathogen and Bodily Fluid Spill Kit is great for the safety of the driver and any other passengers. Anything as small as an infant or a car-sick / ill individual will make you glad you have the kit on hand. The ANSI First Aid Kit helps with a wide variety of other issues that can occur from simple bandages and antiseptic wipes to burn treatments and gauze.

Fire Extinguishers are a must have for such services and are great to have in general, in case a situation arises with a fire and a patient that cannot be removed quickly from the scene due to a physical limitation or other factors. The 3 DOT Compliant Triangles are required to alert other vehicles to minimize chances of a collision.

These kits are also beneficial to have if you transport people in general, such as a taxi or other transport-type service and aren’t specifically an NEMT transport. Even for everyday users, these kits are great to have just for general use as they will cover most automotive necessities.

Emergency Car Kits

Your car could be the most important place you can keep an emergency preparedness kit. You never know where you might be when an emergency strikes you and your vehicle… but if the chances are fair that it will be somewhere further than walking distance from your home, out on the highway or in some remote area, you’ll be so glad you packed a bag just in case such an emergency one day arose.

The best thing is to have something prepared for a disaster but not need it. When the time does come to get out of a bad situation, however, having something prepared and needing it is the next best thing. Nobody wants to be in a dangerous or scary situation, but having the foresight to plan ahead makes you smart and ready for anything.

Car kits are essential for anyone who travels by automobile. Being ready for anything means having the right tool for the job, no matter what life throws your way. With our roadside emergency kits, we can equip you to be prepared for car break-downs, tumultuous weather, and more.

Roadside emergency kits can contain anything that you may need in the event of an unexpected circumstance while you’re driving. You might want to have an umbrella, a first-aid kit, or any number of items you would personally prefer to have. You can get your emergency car kit started with an All-in-One Car Emergency Kit or our Roadside Safety Kit and add more items to it. The All-In-One Ultimate Winter Kit is very comprehensive and includes many items that can help you stay prepared. If you are watching your budget, please look at the Best Value Car Emergency Kit for a great value. It is better to be safe than sorry, so please do not let your budget prevent you from being safe and prepared.

We also have the Commuter Car Emergency Kits with practical items that are likely to come in handy down the road, excuse the pun.