Make Yourself Visible with LED Flares

When an accident or vehicular breakdown occurs, you may hope that once it happens it will be the end of your troubles. Unfortunately, secondary accidents are always an active possibility while you are still on or on the side of the road. Throw in the occurrence happening at night or the rain, and you will have to worry even more about potential follow-up issues.

The best way to avoid follow-up accidents is by getting the attention of the other drivers as early as possible, so they are aware of you and move away from your lane as early as possible. Road flares have been a common tool used for warning drivers as well as redirecting traffic and are essential if you are stuck in a lane and cannot move. DOT triangles are also a good item to have, but besides angling them correctly for reflecting light, it has no other way to alert drivers.

This is where LED flares come in play. Unlike normal flares, they are safer (no flame), easier to turn on / off, are magnetic (can be placed on the body of your car), and can last for up to 50 hours on 3 replaceable AAA batteries. The LEDs are very bright and have good visibility, and are a great alternative to running the lights on your car which would drain your battery or waste your fuel.

Our LED Flares have 5 modes of illumination. The button at the top turns on as well as changes the modes, so it is incredibly easy to use. The first setting ‘Area Light’ turns on the 3 LEDS on the top of the flare (close to the button), which are directional and incredibly bright. They would be best to put on the side of the vehicle facing the direction that the closest vehicles are coming from. The second setting ‘Rotating’ is in which the LEDs turn on and off rapidly in a counter-clockwise direction. The next is ‘Blinking’, which does 3 rapid flash bursts of all 12 LEDS every 2 or so seconds. The following one is ‘Flashing’, in which a single all-around flash is done every second. The last setting, ’12 LED Light’, turns on all 12 LEDs continuously.

Although having one is still better than none, we recommend you have at least 3 since it would be beneficial to place them on both the ground and on your vehicle. If you would like to have different illumination modes on each flare, owning multiple would also be a benefit as you never know which mode could be best for the situation. In any case, the more you use, the more you will catch the attention of other drivers and help keep yourself and your passengers safe.

If you have existing equipment such as triangles and road flares, this would make an excellent supplement as to illuminate your car while road flares or triangles help with early warning or directing traffic.



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