First Aid Kits for Sports

sports first aid kitSports are an excellent way for children and teens to get the exercise they need to stay healthy, but they also carry risks. Participants can fall while running, get hit with a ball, or pull a muscle at any time. Even young children playing Little League can get injured during a practice or game. If you are a coach of a school or community athletic team, it is critical to be prepared to treat common injuries with a sports first aid kit.

A sports first aid kit contains all of the essential items you will need to treat many common injuries on the field or in the gym. Our kits contain ice packs, antibacterial wipes, antiseptic swabs, burn ointment, gauze pads, bandages, tweezers, first aid tape, gloves, fingertip and knuckle bandages, and many other items that can be valuable if a player gets injured at a practice or game.

We carry first aid kits with enough supplies for one individual or for an entire team. They come in easy-to-carry bags that can be taken to the field or on a bus to an away game. With a sports first aid kit, you will always be prepared to treat common injuries immediately.

If you are the coach of a Little League team or another children’s athletic team, you have a responsibility to look out for the safety and well-being of your players at all times. Be prepared with a sports first aid kit that includes all of the supplies you will need to deal with a variety of common injuries on the field.


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