Emergency Preparedness Saves Kite Surfer in Shark Attack

Kite Surfer Jan LisewskiThe human survival instinct is a powerful force that enables people to accomplish extraordinary things in the face of danger. The counter force to this instinct is the drive of the human spirit to try new things and challenge our limits. When people push themselves too far or encounter the unexpected, it’s the survival instinct that carries us through emergency situations. Taking steps to prepare for these unforeseen disasters can often make all the difference between life and death.

A great example of human survival and emergency preparedness was recently in the news. Polish kite surfing champion Jan Lisewski was constantly pushing himself to take on new challenges. He was the first man to successfully kite surf across the Baltic Sea about a year ago. Ready for the next challenge, Lisewski attempted to kite surf across the Red Sea. Unfortunately, while Lisewski was crossing shark infested waters, the wind died leaving him stranded with a deflated kite.

Lisewski was prepared with a few basic survival supplies. He sent out an SOS and awaited rescue. It took the Saudi Arabian Coast Guard forty hours to find him. Before they arrived, Lisewski fought off hunger, dehydration, and exhaustion with energy drinks, water, and two energy bars. This emergency food was minimal, but certainly better than nothing. Having a supply of drinking water is important when surrounded by the sea and, fortunately, Lisewski was prepared with water in this emergency.

What makes this survival story remarkable is that Lisewski survived repeated shark attacks. Armed with a knife, Lisewski’s survival instinct helped him fight off sharks as big as eighteen feet long during the forty hour trial at sea. Having the right emergency supplies to deal with this turn of events truly meant the difference in Lisewski’s survival. Without the fresh water and energy bars, he may have perished from fatigue or dehydration. Without the forethought to bring a knife, he may easily have fallen prey to the first round of attacking sharks.

We can all take a lesson from this tale of survival. Emergency preparedness was the key factor in Lisewski’s survival. Whether you encourage a challenge or try to live life on the safe side, plan ahead with emergency supplies to keep yourself strong and enabled to fight through any hardships you may encounter. Although Lisewski’s routine life was a little unusual, his story demonstrates how quickly a normal day can transform into a life or death scenario.


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