Make Yourself Visible with LED Flares

When an accident or vehicular breakdown occurs, you may hope that once it happens it will be the end of your troubles. Unfortunately, secondary accidents are always an active possibility while you are still on or on the side of the road. Throw in the occurrence happening at night or the rain, and you will have to worry even more about potential follow-up issues.

The best way to avoid follow-up accidents is by getting the attention of the other drivers as early as possible, so they are aware of you and move away from your lane as early as possible. Road flares have been a common tool used for warning drivers as well as redirecting traffic and are essential if you are stuck in a lane and cannot move. DOT triangles are also a good item to have, but besides angling them correctly for reflecting light, it has no other way to alert drivers.

This is where LED flares come in play. Unlike normal flares, they are safer (no flame), easier to turn on / off, are magnetic (can be placed on the body of your car), and can last for up to 50 hours on 3 replaceable AAA batteries. The LEDs are very bright and have good visibility, and are a great alternative to running the lights on your car which would drain your battery or waste your fuel.

Our LED Flares have 5 modes of illumination. The button at the top turns on as well as changes the modes, so it is incredibly easy to use. The first setting ‘Area Light’ turns on the 3 LEDS on the top of the flare (close to the button), which are directional and incredibly bright. They would be best to put on the side of the vehicle facing the direction that the closest vehicles are coming from. The second setting ‘Rotating’ is in which the LEDs turn on and off rapidly in a counter-clockwise direction. The next is ‘Blinking’, which does 3 rapid flash bursts of all 12 LEDS every 2 or so seconds. The following one is ‘Flashing’, in which a single all-around flash is done every second. The last setting, ’12 LED Light’, turns on all 12 LEDs continuously.

Although having one is still better than none, we recommend you have at least 3 since it would be beneficial to place them on both the ground and on your vehicle. If you would like to have different illumination modes on each flare, owning multiple would also be a benefit as you never know which mode could be best for the situation. In any case, the more you use, the more you will catch the attention of other drivers and help keep yourself and your passengers safe.

If you have existing equipment such as triangles and road flares, this would make an excellent supplement as to illuminate your car while road flares or triangles help with early warning or directing traffic.


NEMT All-In-One Kits

Even if you have not used Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services, there is still a good chance that you know at least one person that has a strong dependency on the services. NEMT services have been becoming more of a necessity with demand being higher than ever, and are critical for patients to get to and from their medical appointments, hospitals, pharmacies or urgent care when they are unable to otherwise.

As the name implies, these trips are non-emergencies and have no immediate threat to the health and well-being of the patient, but are still indispensable if the patient is unable to transport themselves for a variety of reasons such as either not having a license or being unable to operate a vehicle. Due to the medical-related nature of NEMT, there are strict regulations in place in which the transportation providers must meet for the benefit of both the patients and drivers.

The NEMT kits offered at Survival Supply are designed to help meet compliance with DOT and OSHA regulations. Equipped with components like mountable automotive fire extinguishers, DOT triangles, and blood borne pathogen / body fluid spill kits, our NEMT kits have just the supplies needed to deal with any situations that arise.

People can be unpredictable especially if they may have any medical conditions that involve bodily fluids, so a Blood Borne Pathogen and Bodily Fluid Spill Kit is great for the safety of the driver and any other passengers. Anything as small as an infant or a car-sick / ill individual will make you glad you have the kit on hand. The ANSI First Aid Kit helps with a wide variety of other issues that can occur from simple bandages and antiseptic wipes to burn treatments and gauze.

Fire Extinguishers are a must have for such services and are great to have in general, in case a situation arises with a fire and a patient that cannot be removed quickly from the scene due to a physical limitation or other factors. The 3 DOT Compliant Triangles are required to alert other vehicles to minimize chances of a collision.

These kits are also beneficial to have if you transport people in general, such as a taxi or other transport-type service and aren’t specifically an NEMT transport. Even for everyday users, these kits are great to have just for general use as they will cover most automotive necessities.

Emergency Preparedness Items Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

The holidays are right around the corner, and people are starting to think about what to give their family and friends as gifts. People tend to think of things like clothing, jewelry, and electronics, but the best gift you can give a loved one is safety. Help your family or friends be prepared in the event of an emergency with a first aid or emergency kit.

first aid kitYou never know when an accident might happen. Someone could fall or get cut at home or be involved in a car accident at anytime. In the event that an injury occurs, it may be necessary to provide first aid for oneself or another person. Help your family and friends be ready with a first aid kit that contains bandages, gauze, alcohol pads, gloves, burn cream, antiseptic ointment, ace bandages, and many other supplies that can be used to treat injuries. You can choose from first aid kits and cabinets that can be used at home or kits specifically designed to be carried in vehicles.

car emergency kitCar accidents are especially likely in the winter due to snow and icy roads. Your loved ones could need other supplies in case they are involved in an accident while traveling. An emergency car kit will include an air compressor, tow rope, jumper cables, flashlight with batteries, fire extinguisher, blanket, first aid supplies, and other items that could be invaluable in the event of a motor vehicle accident.

weather radioDuring the winter, storms can knock out power, sometimes for days at a time. If that happens, people need to have a way to get information from forecasters and public officials about upcoming weather, traffic, and emergency measures that may be in effect. An emergency radio is therefore essential.

The holidays are the perfect time to give your friends or family gifts that could help them in the event of an emergency and potentially save a life. First aid kits, emergency car kits, and emergency radios are ideal holiday gifts.

Prepare Your Loved Ones for an Emergency This Holiday Season

The holidays will be here soon, and now is the time to begin thinking about gifts for the important people in your life. One of the best ways to show someone that you care is to provide a useful gift that can keep that person safe and comfortable in the event of an emergency.

A breakdown can happen at any time of the year, day or night. A car emergency kit can help your family member or friend be prepared in the event of a motor vehicle problem. Car emergency kits include booster cables, tow ropes, tools, and protective clothing needed to help someone deal with an auto emergency.

first aid kitEvery home and car should have a first aid kit. A kit contains all of the products needed to treat many common medical problems and can make a difference in the event of an emergency when a hospital is not close by.

Fire is a concern all year, but even more in the winter, when many people are using fireplaces and wood stoves to heat their homes. Every home should have a fire extinguisher to provide protection.

flash lightPower outages can happen at any time, but they are more likely in the winter, when strong storms can strike. Help your friend or family member be prepared with flashlights, lanterns, and an emergency solar generator to provide light and power even in the face of a storm.

If a storm drops heavy snow, it may be difficult to get to a supermarket. Help your family or friend be prepared with a supply of emergency food and water.

The holiday season is the perfect time to be sure that the people you care about will be protected and comfortable in the event of an emergency. Survival and emergency preparedness items make idealholiday gifts.

Choose Survival Supply for Your Greenhouse or Storage Needs

If you enjoy gardening, you don’t need to limit your plant or vegetable growing to the spring and summer. A greenhouse from Survival Supply will allow you to grow plants and food in your yard year-round and provide protection from extreme temperatures, snow, ice, and frost.

greenhouseOur portable greenhouses have metal frames with durable, translucent polyethylene covers or heavy-duty polycarbonate panels to protect your crops or flowers from the elements. While they are durable, our greenhouses are also light enough to easily transport from one location to another.

Our greenhouses come in a variety of sizes and round or peak styles. Our greenhouse kits are constructed with sturdy steel frames that can stand up to heavy winds and rain. They are easy to set up and do not require any field cutting or drilling. The translucent polyethylene covers allow natural light in but will protect your plants from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

metal greenhouseSurvival Supply’s metal greenhouse kits have UV-resistant polycarbonate walls that allow sunlight in but do not have the safety issues associated with glass. Polycarbonate is one of the strongest polymers known and can stand up to all weather without rusting or rotting. Our metal greenhouses are constructed with quality materials and are easy to assemble.

We also offer peak style organic growers greenhouses with a compact design, innovative features, and quality construction. They are assembled with wing nuts and bolts at every connection point and do not require any tools.

Survival Supply’s round style organic growers greenhouses allow a lot of sunlight in for your plants and feature screened air vents on the front and back panels for superior airflow and ventilation. They are constructed with all-steel frames and covered with triple-layer, heat-bonded, rip-stop, translucent covers that are waterproof and UV-treated, both inside and out.

portable garageSurvival Supply also carries portable garages, carports, and canopies to protect your vehicle from rain, snow, ice, and wind. Our portable garages and carports are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and constructed with strong galvanized or powder-coated steel frames and polyethylene covers that are rip-stop, UV-resistant, waterproof, rot-proof, and mildew-resistant.

We also carry a selection of sheds to shelter your tools, lawnmower, or other equipment from the elements. Our storage sheds are constructed with all-weather, maintenance-free vinyl and are fire-retardant. They are available in a variety of sizes and come with or without floors and foundations.

Survival Supply also carries a line of sleeping accessories, including privacy shelters, shower rooms, cots, air mattresses, tents, Quickbeds, and sleeping bags, as well as Pack-Away picnic sets.

Use Safety Promotional Products to Promote Your Brand This Holiday Season

first aid kitWith the holidays coming up, this is the perfect time to reward employees for dedicated service, thank current clients for their business, or promote your company to potential new customers by giving out safety products imprinted with your company’s logo.

Survival Supply offers a wide array of safety promotional products, all of which we can imprint with your company’s name and logo.

Our first aid kits contain all the essentials for the home, car, or workplace. Some are small enough to fit inside a wallet or small plastic case. We also offer first aid kits specifically designed for camping, winter, or natural disasters.

We also offer roadside safety kits, which include jumper cables, tow rope, an air compressor, tool kit, cable ties, emergency triangle, tire pressure gauge, flashlight, batteries, light stick, blanket, gloves, reflective vest, rain poncho, and first aid kit. All of these items fit into a nylon bag that is easy to store in your trunk.

In addition, we offer high-visibility apparel, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, mesh vests, raincoats, jackets, windbreakers, and insulated winter coats. Survival Supply also carries CPR kits, hard hats, safety gloves, safety eyewear, tool kits, travel kits, and blankets.

To promote your brand and grow your customer base this holiday season, choose a practical product from Survival Supply and have it imprinted with your company’s logo. Safety items and emergency kits make perfect gifts for workers, current clients, or potential customers.

Tips for Surviving Emergencies on the Road

Many people do not know what to do in the event of an emergency while driving. Being prepared and knowing what to do in an emergency can not only save your life, but others’, too. Here are some common driving situations that can turn fatal if you do not know how to react.

Keep Calm and Drive On

Many fatal single vehicle crashes happen when a person’s vehicle runs off the road. Many times and inattentive or distracted driver will allow the vehicle’s right tires to drop off the pavement or onto highway rumble strips. Once the driver notices that they are straying off the road, he or she jerks the steering wheel to the left. The front tires both regain grip; however, the right back tire, or possibly both back tires, is off the road, and with little traction, they begin to slide out, and the vehicle spins out of control and may even flip.
To avoid this end result, you must stay calm and not overreact. If you should find yourself drifting off the road, you should let off the gas and gently ease back into the lane. Do not press down on the breaks unless you have to avoid an obstacle and have to get back into the lane faster. Be smooth with the steering wheel, because when traveling at high speeds, a little goes a long way.

Have an Emergency Car Kit

You never know when your vehicle might break down. You should always have an emergency car kit in the backseat or trunk of your car. Make sure that it is easily Emergency Car Kitaccessible, because you never know what kind of emergency you might have. There are many different kinds of emergency car kits, but most will have a small air compressor, tow rope, first aid kit, flashlight, blanket, and other items you would need in a car emergency. There are even special emergency car kits for the winter time. They are inexpensive and can be a life saver if you should ever break down or get into an accident.

Go into Neutral

If the throttle should get stuck, you could be in for a dangerous ride. If your vehicle is manual, press in the clutch and place the shifter into neutral. Even an automatic car will go into neutral from drive while the car is still moving. This allows even a passenger to put the car into neutral if necessary. Most modern cars have physical or electronic devices that prevent the transmission from going into reverse or park while the vehicle is moving forward. Even a manual car will go into neutral without pushing the clutch, although it just might take a little more force. In the event of an emergency where you have to stop quickly, it is always a good idea to put the car into neutral just in case you hit the accelerator by accident. In a manual transmission vehicle, press both the clutch and the break in to prevent from stalling.

Use Your Passenger

Every car has blind spots, and today’s vehicles have thicker A-pillars to house airbags. If you are riding with a passenger, take advantage of that and put them to work. While many people do not like “back seat” drivers, they can prevent you from getting into an accident with their extra set of eyes. Have them check to see if it is all clear to change lanes or have them look right while you look left when entering the road.

De-Fog the Windshield

Many people struggle with fogged up windshields, and decreased vision when driving is never a good thing. Switch the heating system from recirculation to fresh air and engage Windshieldthe air conditioner whenever the windshield starts fogging up. If you turn on the air conditioning and allow the system to bring in fresh air to lower the humidity inside the vehicle, you will instantly see the fog decrease. Another important thing is to change your wiper blades sooner than later! Old wiper blades will do you no good in a rainstorm and will really make it difficult to see what’s in front of you.

Why You Should Own a Portable Garage

Portable Garage

Do you have investments such as a car, RV, trailer, or equipment that sit outside unprotected? Natural elements like rain, snow, and ultraviolet rays can damage your investments if they are left outside without protection. A portable garage can protect any of your investments to make sure they do not drastically decrease in value.

There are many reasons you should own a portable garage. If you have anything at your home or business that sits outside, it should be protected by a portable garage. You want to protect your investments from being damaged by the elements.

One of the main reasons you should have a portable garage is that they are inexpensive. A portable garage is much cheaper than a brick and mortar garage and requires no professional installation. When building an actual brick and mortar garage, you will need to pay for materials, installation, and permits. With a portable garage, you pay one price, build it yourself, and typically do not need any permits from the town. Some insurance companies even offer discounts when your vehicle is stored in a portable garage, because they know it is better protected.

You should have a portable garage because they are convenient. They can be set up and taken down with very little effort. If you do not like the location it is in, you can easily move it somewhere else. If you move homes, you can take your portable garage with you. You can also use a portable garage as shelter from the sun or rain for parties or other events.

A portable garage will provide your investment with superior protection. Portable gPortable Garage Depotarages are made to protect your car, supplies, equipment, or any other investment from being damaged. With UV resistant polyethylene tarps, a portable garage will make sure your investment is not damaged by the sun’s harmful rays. The tarps are water resistant, protecting your garage’s contents from water damage and rust. The tarp that covers your investments is also resistant to mold and mildew. With a frame that is made from galvanized steel and anchored to the ground, the shelter keeps your investments safe.

Cost, convenience, and protection are three reasons you should own a portable garage. Never leave your investments outside unprotected again. With different types of styles and colors, there is a portable garage that is right for you.

Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Winter Driving

With winter comes cold weather and rough driving conditions. Snow and ice can create dangerous driving conditions, allowing for accidents to become more prevalent. When driving in these winter conditions, you need to be more cautious or the consequences can be serious. An accident or breakdown in the extreme cold can lead to injury and even death. You can’t forget that if you are having trouble on the road, emergency personnel will not be able to get to you as fast, either. Before venturing out into the elements this winter, look over these driving tips.

Clear off the snow and ice before you drive – If you wake up to snow and ice all over your vehicle, make sure you thoroughly clean it off before you drive. Clear off as much snow as you can, including the snow on the roof of the vehicle. Also scrape any ice off the windows to make sure your vision is not hindered.

Have an emergency car kit – To be prepared for a break down or accident, you should have an emergency car kit in your car. There areWinter Emergency Car Kit winter car emergency kits that will have supplies that can save your life. They will have a blanket, jumper cables, gloves, shovel, and other supplies. Always have one in your car when doing any traveling in hazardous driving conditions.

Be light on the pedal – When starting from a standstill, it is important to accelerate slowly to avoid any wheel spin.

Drive SLOW – In slippery conditions, your tires will lose traction easier. By driving slower and giving yourself more space between other cars, you can have more time to react.

Don’t lock up the wheels – If you need to slow down and you do not have ABS, you should gently pump the brakes, not slam on them. If you lock up the wheels by slamming on the brakes, you will cause your vehicle to skid. If your vehicle has ABS, you should press the breaks and hold it. The brakes will make a shuddering sound and you should feel a sensation in the pedal. This means the ABS system is working correctly.

Perform one action at a time– Do not try and brake while turning when driving in icy conditions. Brake the vehicle while going straight and then turn to avoid sliding. Also wait until you are straight again to start accelerating.

Know how to correct a slide – If you are in a turn and the baWinter Safetyck wheels begin to slide out, gently let of the gas pedal and turn the wheel towards the slide. Doing this should straighten the vehicle back out.

Don’t be fearless – Just because your vehicle is AWD does not mean you should drive recklessly. All AWD will do for you is provide extra traction when accelerating; it does not provide any advantage when braking or cornering.

Be aware of your surroundings – Other drivers can be the most dangerous part of driving in the bad weather. Other drivers may not be as cautious and can be a risk to you. Leave extra space between other motorists so you have more time to react to them. Also you should signal early to alert vehicles that are behind you.

Be Prepared When Doing Holiday Traveling

This past Thanksgiving, it was estimated that 43.6 million Americans traveled during the holiday weekend, with the average miles traveled being 588. Of those traveling, 87 percent of them were traveling by car. With the Christmas season coming fast, those traveling numbers will probably increase. When traveling long distances, especially with harsh winter conditions, it is important to be prepared to ensure your family’s safety.

Traveling in the extreme cold or snow is very dangerous, and if you are not prepared for the worst, it could be detrimental to you or your family. Icy or snow covered roads, limited visibility, and low temperatures make traveling long distances a hard task. If your car breaks down in a remote area in the extreme cold with snow on the ground, it will be more difficult for emergency personnel to get to your aid quickly. Even short term exposure to the low temperatures can have long lasting effects. Due to these factors, you should always be prepared in the event of an accident.

The first thing you should do is purchase a winter car emergency kit. This kit could be a life saver and will have many useful items in case your vehicle breaks down. One of these kits can contain items like tow rope, collapsible shovel, ice scraper, tire inflator, flashlight, signal cone, blanket, gloves, and hand warmers. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the contents and how to use each item. Keep this kit in your vehicle at all times in a place that it can be easily retrieved.

Winter Car Emergency Kit

Never leave your vehicle in the event you break down. Your vehicle will provide you protection from the cold, and it is much easier to spot a stranded vehicle than a person walking through the snow.

Find something to keep you warm. Grab the blanket from your winter car emergency kit or grab warm clothing from your suitcase if you are traveling. Bundle up and stay inside of your vehicle.

Run the vehicle periodically for a short amount of time for heat. However, crack the window slightly to provide circulation of fresh air into the vehicle to avoid dangerous fumes from being locked into the car.

Keep moving! There may not be much room in your vehicle, but you need to do whatever you can to keep the blood flowing in your body. Clap your hands, stomp your feet, and move around as much as you can.

Make your vehicle as visible as you can. If your kit has road flares or reflective triangles put them out as a distress signal. If it is not snowing, you can put your hood up, as it is the universal distress signal.

If you are planning on traveling this coming holiday season, be sure to keep these tips in mind. If you do not already have a winter car emergency kit, make sure you get one because it could save your life!

Broken Down Car