Survival Supply Offers Hygiene and Health Supplies for Traveling and Outdoor Adventures

hygiene kitSurvival Supply’s kits include all the essentials for good hygiene and first aid and can be stored with your survival kit. They are perfect for hunting, hiking, or camping trips, as well as vacations.

Our personal hygiene kits for women include a plastic comb, hand and body lotion, a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, anti-bacterial soap, hand sanitizer, tissues, towelettes, a maxi pad, and toilet paper. Our kits for men also include aerosol shaving cream and a razor.

Survival Supply’s Clear Solution personal hygiene kit includes a nail file, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a triple-head razor, hand sanitizer, nail clippers, deodorant, shaving cream, a comb, shampoo, body wash, and hand and body lotion.

Our deluxe hygiene kits include a camper’s mirror, two toothbrushes, toothpaste, anti-bacterial wipes, a shower in a bag, a water pouch, oatmeal soap, wet naps, a comb, a razor, maxi pads, tissues, and a plastic wash basin.

Our 73-piece traveler’s aid contains a smart bag, hydrogen peroxide, an ace bandage, a first aid guide, plastic bandages, a fingertip bandage, a knuckle bandage, 2-inch-by-3-inch patch bandages, eye pads, Blistex, non-aspirin pain reliever, alcohol wipes, Burn Free, SPF 30 wipes, insect sting reliever, tweezers, a doctor’s penlight, scissors, a solar blanket, waterproof tape, sterile gauze pads, a razor, a toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, a comb, hand sanitizer, deodorant, a maxi pad, anti-bacterial bar soap, towelettes, showers in a bag, tissues, and a camp mirror.

In addition, Survival Supply carries no-rinse shampoo, body bath, and bathing wipes; pumps and portable showers; towels; portable toilets; and toilet sanitary bags.

Choose Survival Supply for all your hygiene and health supplies for your next vacation or outdoor trip.

Choose Survival Supply for All Your Hunting Needs

Survival Supply offers a wide range of equipment and accessories you will need for a successful fall and winter hunting season.

We offer a wide assortment of compound and recurve archery sets with 15 to 29-pound draw weights and draw lengths from 18 to 27 inches. We carry both right-handed and ambidextrous models complete with arrows, adjustable sights, and finger rollers. Our youth archery sets have 40 to 60-pound draw weights and draw lengths ranging from 25 5/8 to 30 1/8 inches.


Survival Supply also has a selection of crossbows with draw weights from 80 to 175 pounds and IBO speeds up to 350 feet per second. Our models include arrows and sights. We also offer an assortment of targets and accessories.


In addition, Survival Supply offers gun vices, shooting rests, gun cleaning kits, magazine loaders, hunting slingshots, game calls, decoys, hunting knives, multi-tools, and electronic hunting callers.

We carry a wide range of accessories, including security cases, laser boresighters, antler mounting kits, chairs, battery boxes, arbor kits, gun buggies, clay feeders, and double wide covers for two or more hunters.

Survival Supply offers a variety of laser range finders that have a range of up to 900 yards to a reflective target. They are precise up to plus or minus one yard and are water-resistant.

Our hunting and scouting cameras can capture photos and video, day or night, including HD time lapses. The cameras include SD memory card slots up to 16 GB. We also offer wearable video cameras.

Survival Supply carries binoculars, including wide-angle, focus-free, and zoom varieties. We also offer monoculars with red dot sights and night-vision capabilities. Our line of hunting protection equipment includes glasses, hearing protection, and hand warmers.

We offer a variety of animal feeders, including digital timer, remote-controlled, solar, and battery-powered models. Our animal repellers will keep away insects, moles, gophers, dogs, cats, raccoons, birds, and deer.

Survival Supply carries traveling translators that can translate up to 44 languages. They can also do currency, metric, and clothing and shoe size conversions.

With our wide range of products, we are the only source you need for hunting supplies. Choose Survival Supply for all your hunting needs this season.

Use Safety Promotional Products to Promote Your Brand This Holiday Season

first aid kitWith the holidays coming up, this is the perfect time to reward employees for dedicated service, thank current clients for their business, or promote your company to potential new customers by giving out safety products imprinted with your company’s logo.

Survival Supply offers a wide array of safety promotional products, all of which we can imprint with your company’s name and logo.

Our first aid kits contain all the essentials for the home, car, or workplace. Some are small enough to fit inside a wallet or small plastic case. We also offer first aid kits specifically designed for camping, winter, or natural disasters.

We also offer roadside safety kits, which include jumper cables, tow rope, an air compressor, tool kit, cable ties, emergency triangle, tire pressure gauge, flashlight, batteries, light stick, blanket, gloves, reflective vest, rain poncho, and first aid kit. All of these items fit into a nylon bag that is easy to store in your trunk.

In addition, we offer high-visibility apparel, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, mesh vests, raincoats, jackets, windbreakers, and insulated winter coats. Survival Supply also carries CPR kits, hard hats, safety gloves, safety eyewear, tool kits, travel kits, and blankets.

To promote your brand and grow your customer base this holiday season, choose a practical product from Survival Supply and have it imprinted with your company’s logo. Safety items and emergency kits make perfect gifts for workers, current clients, or potential customers.

Preparing for Winter

SurvivalMany parts of the country experienced a very mild fall. However, forecasters are predicting a very cold and snowy winter and if you live in areas that are prone to sub-zero temperatures and blizzards now is the time to start preparing. Waiting until mid-December to find safety and disaster supplies can be a mistake. Supply stores can run out of simple items including ice melt and snow shovels quickly and if they don’t have any backorders you may be caught without essential supplies.

At Survival Supply we want everyone to be prepared for winter so we offer a crash course of items every home should have before the weather turns for the worse.

- Snow shovels
- Ice melt
- Flashlights and extra batteries
- Warm blankets, thermal clothing
- Emergency food and purified drinking water
- First aid kits
- Vehicle safety kits

While you will want your home to be prepared it is also important to remember that you get stuck in bad weather while driving. Having a vehicle disaster kit can be a lifesaver if you find yourself stranded on a road when a blizzard strikes.

The hours waiting for rescue teams and plows to arrive can be very trying and if you don’t have essential supplies on hand you could be at risk for frostbite, hypothermia, dehydration and hunger. Prepare your home as well as your car for the worst and be ready for any winter conditions.

Safety Promotional Products that make Great Holiday Gifts

Promotional Hand Wipes

Looking for a great holiday gift to give your clients? Safety promotional products make great holiday gifts because not only will people actually use them, they have your company logo on them. Instead of sending out holiday gifts that don’t serve a purpose, give out safety promotional products instead.

There are numerous amounts of safety promotional products to choose from. promotional safety glovesSome popular choices that people love to receive are:

Custom Logo First Aid Kits
Promotional Hard Hats
Promotional Safety Gloves
Promotional Tool Kits
Custom Logo Hand Sanitizers

When you give out safety promotional products as a gift, you promote your brand and encourage safety at the same time. Whether you send your clients first aid kits or safety gloves, they can be imprinted with your company’s exact logo. Giving out a practical gift during the holidays is important. If you send something out that people won’t use, they will most likely throw it away. By sending out something that will appeal to your client base your money will be well spent and every time they use the product they will be reminded of your company.

Choose which safety promotional product will be the most practical for your clients. The right gift will leave a lasting impression on them and will provide a great branding opportunity for your company.

Using Promotional First Aid Kits to Promote your Business

promotional first aid kitWant to promote both your brand and safety at the same time? Promotional first aid kits give you the ability to offer a product that people can actually use, while promoting your company too. Leave a long lasting impression with clients and potential customers when you give them a promotional first aid kit.

Promotional first aid kits clearly display your logo, giving your brand constant visibility. Clients may keep the first aid kit in their office for emergency situations, giving your company free advertising. Promotional first aid kits make great give-a-ways for any company. Most of the time people will never use or throw away promotional items that they receive. A promotional first aid kit is something that someone can actually use. Whether they use them at work, home, or in their car, they will keep them. Your business will then benefit from the constant exposure it receives whenever the kit is used or seen.

There are many different kinds of promotional first aid kits that your business can use. There are outdoor kits, first aid keychains, wallet kits, belt kits, travel kits, sports kits, and even home/office kits. With so many choices, you can choose which kind of first aid kit you would like your clients or potential customers to receive. Here are some of the items you would typically find in a promotional first aid kit:

• Wet wipes
• Bandages
• Antiseptic swabs
• First aid instruction card
• Gauze
• Sting relief pads

For an affordable price, you can get a unique advertising tool that people will actually use. Don’t waste valuable marketing money on other promotional items ever again. Purchase promotional first aid kits with your logo on them for a long lasting advertising strategy.

Are you prepared for a Natural Disaster?

natural disaster

Your home is your shelter and it protects you from the elements of the outdoors. Even though our homes can protect us from most of what nature throws at us, natural disasters can wreak havoc on them. Floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters can strike at any time. Are you prepared for a natural disaster?

Emergency Kits

Something every person should have in their home is an emergency kit. If a disaster should hit your home, an emergency kit will provide you with all the supplies you would need to survive. There are many different kinds of emergency kits. Some are meant for earthquakes, hurricanes, and even pet emergency kits. Emergency kits come packed with pouches of water, calorie food bars, first aid supplies, a flashlight, blanket, hygiene items, and more.

Emergency Helpers

When a disaster happens, it can be difficult to call for help or contact relatives to let them hand cranked radioknow you are safe. One great gadget you should invest in is a solar phone charger. If the power is out you will be thankful you have a solar phone charger to keep your cell phone on. Another helpful gadget is a hand-cranked radio. This will allow you to access news updates and alerts that can help save your life. Owning a generator is also a good idea because it can help you keep important items working in your home that can keep you alive until help arrives.

Document your Belongings

If a disaster hits your home, you’ll want documentation of your home and belongings. Before a disaster hits, take videos and pictures of all the rooms in your home and outside too. Take close-up shots of any expensive items such as televisions and furniture so insurance adjusters will be able to verify the type of home you lived in and you will have proof of what you owned and what was damaged or missing. Place the videos and pictures on a DVD and place it in a plastic bag with all of your important documents (insurance policies, mortgage, wills, birth certificates, bank information). All these items should be placed in a waterproof/fireproof safe that you can take with you if you need to evacuate your home.

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Trauma Kits pivotal in Saving Lives

Trauma Kit

Having a trauma kit on hand can be the difference between life and death in the event of a severe injury. Trauma can occur anytime and anywhere, so it is important for emergency personnel to be outfitted with a trauma kit. When applied within the first six minutes, trauma kits give the victim a 90 percent chance of survival.

So what is in a trauma kit? It consists of simple tools, scissors, an airway, and a military style bandage. It may not seem like much, but in the right hands these items can save a life. There are also more complex tactical trauma kits that contain even more emergency supplies, including:

• Blood stoppers
• Inhalants
• Splints
• CPR mouthpieces
• Survival and rescue gear

Any emergency personnel, such as an EMT, first responder, firefighter, or police officer, should be equipped with a trauma kit. Currently in Indianapolis, the Fraternal Order of Police Foundation is raising money to equip every police officer with a life-saving emergency trauma kit. The kits are extremely durable and practical, with the ability to be thrown to other officers who need them in the event of a fire fight. The fundraising effort was set in motion after a police officer and army veteran used his own homemade trauma kit to save another officer who was shot twice by a fleeing murder suspect.

A trauma kit could save lives during a serious emergency situation. Professional emergency personnel and civilians alike should have a trauma kit available and take the necessary training to properly administer it during an emergency. Having a trauma kit and knowing how to use it could one day help save someone’s life.

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Inventions that could save your Life during a Natural Disaster

When a natural disaster strikes, survival can depend on access to clean water and shelter. In the event of an earthquake, tornado, tsunami, or flood, you may have to survive days or even weeks before help arrives. With climate scientists predicting that natural disasters will increase in frequency and intensity, designers have been creating inventions that could be a life saver.

The Orange Saver

the orange saverThe orange saver looks like a piece of designer furniture, or a sliced up orange. However, it can be transformed into a life raft in the event of a flood. Each segment around the edge of the raft is independent. This allows for the raft to stay afloat even if some of the sections get damaged. The Orange Saver could help save many lives during a natural disaster.

The Tsunami Survival Pod

tsunami survival podThis invention is meant to protect a family during a tsunami. It is large enough to hold four adults and each person can be strapped into bucket seats with five-point safety harnesses. It is built to protect those inside it from the harshest of conditions. The Tsunami Survival Pod can withstand a crushing force of up to 13,000 pounds!

The Eliodomestico

the eliodomesticoClean water is just as important as shelter is during a natural disaster. It could be weeks before you are able to access clean water if your family is displaced by a natural disaster. The Eliodomestico gives you the ability to turn sea water into clean drinkable water. The invention uses solar energy to distill the water to make it drinkable.

The Noah Escape Pod

noah escape podAnother pod design, this invention isn’t for the claustrophobic. It is designed to accommodate up to four adults, but is also designed to save lives, not for comfort. It was created after the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March of 2011.

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Carolinas Prepare for Hurricane Season


As September creeps closer, it is important for those who live in the Carolinas to prepare for hurricane season. Mid-September marks the peak of hurricane season and North and South Carolina are hotspots for major storms. Residents of the states should be prepared to survive a serious hurricane that could eliminate power and the ability to leave their home.

Twenty-five years ago Hurricane Hugo caused $7 billion worth of damage and many lives were taken. While the Carolinas have experienced mostly weaker storms since then, you need to be prepared for anything. Residents should be prepared to live in their home without utilities or emergency services for extended periods of time. A major hurricane could shut down areas for days or even weeks at a time.

Preparation is the most important survival tool for natural disasters like hurricanes. This means storing freeze dried food, water, and non-perishables. It could be weeks before you are able to access fresh food, so having a well-stocked emergency food supply is important. Freeze dried food has a long shelf life and can provide you and your family with Hurricane Ready Kitessential nutrients that the body needs to function. There are hurricane ready kits that will have important supplies you might need during the natural disaster. Back-up generators and batteries are also good to have just in case there is a power outage. Pre-cutting plywood to cover your home’s windows is also important. An evacuation plan should be created in case you must leave your home unexpectedly. Knowing where you are going to go and how you will get there should be planned out ahead of time. All these things should be done before hurricane season so you can be prepared when a hurricane hits.

Preparing for a natural disaster is important no matter where you live. You never know when and where a natural disaster will strike. If you live in an area that is near the ocean and more likely to be hit by a hurricane in September, make sure you are prepared as soon as possible. Being properly prepared could be the difference between life and death during a natural disaster.

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