All-Purpose Bug Out Bags

Ready Kit PlusIt is a wise plan of action to prepare for the unexpected to improve your chances for survival. In the event of an emergency, it may become imperative to evacuate a location. Evacuations often occur in response to natural disasters, violent conflicts, and other disaster scenarios. Bug out bags are recommended for individuals to be prepared for these instances. These survival kits should be stocked with supplies to last an individual at least 72 hours without access to the comforts of ordinary life such as medical services, food, and shelter.

Bug out bag supplies and gear have become a standard part of emergency preparedness. These kits should include everything you need to survive for three days. Your nutrition is important, because you will inevitably need your strength in the aftermath of a disaster. Pack enough emergency food and water to feed yourself for this time span. Shelter, communication gear, and personal protection are also important ingredients in a bug out bag. First aid supplies and any medications you require on a routine basis should also find their way into your kit. These supplies are often stored in back packs which are commonly used for bug out bags because of large storage capacities and convenient portability.

Planning for your health and safety in the face of unknown disaster is practical, because many emergencies are sudden in nature and evacuation warnings may not leave time to prepare at the last minute. Instead of relying on the chance preparedness and kindness of your government, neighbors, or strangers, bug out bags enable you to take control of your own security and survival. The supplies in a bug out bag may come in handy to help you survive a few days without emergency services following a disaster. They may also supplement provisions offered through emergency relief organizations.

The purpose of keeping a bug out bag ready is to get away quickly and stay alive until safe conditions return. Throughout the duration of a disaster, the ability of relief services to reach you may ebb and flow, and your bug out bag can keep you alive and healthy when supplies are short. Consider the climate and region in which you live as you assemble your bug out gear. If you are in an area prone to specific hazards such as wildfires, flooding, tornadoes, freezing temperatures, or hurricanes, plan accordingly. When disaster strikes, this preparation will give you a survival advantage.


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