Marine First Aid Kits

marine first aid kitsAn accident or injury can occur anywhere, including on a boat. If you are planning to travel on a river, lake, or ocean this spring or summer, be prepared with a marine first aid kit.

Marine first aid kits are designed to be used by varying numbers of passengers and crew members. They include all of the essential supplies you will need to treat a variety of common injuries, including cuts, scrapes, blisters, burns, dental emergencies, fractures, sprains, and respiratory and cardiac emergencies. Marine first aid kits contain a variety of bandages, gloves, aloe vera gel, dressings, CPR pocket masks, dental supplies, cold packs, splints, blood pressure cuffs, EMT shears, catheters, stethoscopes, thermometers, many common medications, and other supplies.

A marine first aid kit can come in handy any time you are out on the water. Whether you are going boating or waterskiing for an afternoon or you are away on a long voyage hundreds of miles from shore, a marine first aid kit can help you be prepared to treat a medical emergency quickly until you can get to a doctor or hospital.

If you are planning to venture out onto the water this spring or summer, it is crucial to be prepared. You never know where a medical emergency can arise. You could encounter a medical problem when you are hundreds of miles away from shore, and you will need to have the supplies on hand to treat the injury quickly and keep the person stabilized until it is possible to seek formal medical attention. A marine first aid kit is fully stocked with all of the supplies you will need to deal with many common injuries that might arise and can keep you and your passengers or crew safe while you are out on the water.