Survival Supply Sport First Aid Kits Have Everything You Need to Treat Injuries on the Field

Whether you coach a Little League team or a professional football team, injuries can happen. Be prepared with a sport first aid kit from Survival Supply that contains everything you will need to quickly respond to an injury.

economy sportSurvival Supply’s Economy Sport and Little League first aid kits come complete with wipes, a variety of bandages, first aid cream, adhesive tape, tweezers, sterile sponges, safety pins, triple antibiotic cream, iodine wipes, latex gloves, alcohol wipes, hand soap, instant ice packs, scissors, and a first aid book. We also offer individual Little League first aid kits with the essentials.

little leagueOur Essential Sport First Aid Kit is ideal for Little League or any other sport. It includes an ice pack, scissors, anti-bacterial wipes, anti-septic swabs, alcohol pads, tweezers, burn ointment, gauze pads, bandages, and a first aid card.

triangularSurvival Supply’s triangular first aid kit is perfect for outdoor activities. It includes a highly reflective triangle on the front of the bag for visibility at night. The kit includes a cold compress, emergency blanket, scissors, abdominal pad, triangular bandage, gauze roll, adhesive tape, forceps, gauze pads, gloves, alcohol prep pads, towelettes, adhesive strips, tongue depressors, and a first aid card.

Our sport first aid kits come packaged in a pouch, duffel bag, or plastic case to make them easy to transport on and off the field.

Survival Supply also carries a line of cold compresses, face masks, hand and toe warmers, and wound seal clot powder applicators and pour packs, which can be purchased separately from our first aid kits.

If you coach a sport, it is essential to be prepared for potential injuries that may occur at any time. Survival Supply has complete first aid kits with everything you will need to help your players if injuries occur.

Wise Emergency Foods from Survival Supply 20 Percent Off

emergency foodIn the event of an emergency, you may not have access to enough food. Be prepared by stocking up on Wise dehydrated and freeze-dried emergency foods. Take advantage of a unique opportunity. From February 15 to 25, Wise Emergency Foods will be 20 percent off.

Dehydrated food has several advantages. The food maintains its original flavor, shape, color, texture, and nutritional value. With water removed, food is condensed and lightweight. When water is added, the food is quickly reconstituted. Wise Foods also have a shelf life of up to 25 years.

Wise Foods uses innovative packaging to make meals that are better protected and easier to store and prepare than other brands. Wise Foods uses a packaging technique that removes the majority of residual oxygen from the pouch and packs it with nitrogen. You will not need to remove an oxygen absorber from each pouch, which will make preparation easier. Simply add hot water, and in 10 to 20 minutes your food will be ready to eat.

While other companies package their emergency food in 10-pound cans, Wise Foods packages meals in four-serving family-size mylar pouches. This packaging makes products easier to store and eat and prolongs the food’s shelf life. Wise Foods are packaged in compact four-gallon square buckets that are easy to store and carry. The containers are notched on the bottom to make them stackable. Wise Foods containers have resealable pull tab lids that are simple to open and close.

Wise Foods offers a variety of meals for your emergency needs, including dehydrated breakfasts, entrees, meats, and rice, and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. Choose from a wide assortment of tasty, nutritious meals. Take advantage of Survival Supply’s special offer and stock up on Wise Emergency Foods today.