Using a First Aid Cabinet at your Business

First Aid Cabinet

Whether your company operates in a warehouse, restaurant, or office, it is important to have a first aid cabinet. Bumps, bruises, scratches, and headaches are going to happen at work. It is important that you provide your employees with the tools they need for any minor medical problems. A first aid cabinet will make sure you are prepared for minor injuries with a variety of supplies.

First aid cabinets are durable, dust-proof, made from metal, and can be mounted to the wall at your business. Once you open them, you will have direct access to a variety of supplies necessary for treating burns, cuts, abrasions, headaches, insect bites, or performing CPR. There are usually two or more shelves that support a wide range of bandages, ointments, antiseptic, trauma pads, gloves, burn spray, eye wash, and more.

There are first aid cabinets for any size business. Whether you’re a small office or large factory, there is a first aid cabinet that can meet your needs. There are kits that contain up to 1,700 parts, which is enough to support a workplace of 200 people. Here are some of the supplies you will find in a wall-mountable first aid cabinet:

• Adhesive bandages
• Gauze
• Triangular Sling
• Aspirin Tablets
• Cough Drops
• Alcohol cleansing pads
• Antiseptic cleansing pads
• Triple antibiotic ointment packs
• Instant cold compresses
• Burn spray
• Eye wash
• CPR pack
• Vinyl gloves
• Scissors and Tweezers

A first aid cabinet will include all of these supplies and much more. Make sure your workplace is prepared for minor injuries by having a first aid cabinet mounted in an easily accessible area. Every business, no matter what kind, should have a first aid cabinet that is the appropriate size for the number of employees.

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Reasons Why you Should Store Canned Food

Canned Food

Whether you are a prepper or not, there are many reasons why you should store canned food. Most grocery stores only carry two days’ worth of food. If a disaster should strike your area, food will be limited. Those who have a good supply of canned food will be able to deal with the crisis better than others.

Purchasing freeze-dried and dehydrated survival food is great for prepping. However, if you are on a tighter budget and want to increase your food stash, you should invest in canned food. Here are seven reasons why you should add canned food to your stockpile:

1) Price – When you purchase items in bulk, you can save up to 75 percent by getting mostly canned foods rather than freeze-dried or dehydrated foods. Even if you are not buying in bulk, you can find great deals on canned food.

2) Long-lasting – Many canned food have a shelf life of between one and several years. If you have canned food in your stash, be sure to rotate it and eat foods that are coming close to their expiration date.

3) Variety – If you had to, you would eat the same thing every day, but people like variety and choices. With canned foods, there is a wide variety of options to choose from.

4) Nutrition – Canned foods can be very nutritious and rich in protein. The protein will help keep your strength and the higher calories will be good for you when you are in survival mode.

5) Water – There is very little water in freeze-dried and dehydrated foods. The water that is in canned food will make preparation easier.

6) Familiarity – Many of the things families normally eat, chicken, beef, ham, fish, vegetables, beans, and pasta, can all be found in canned form. In the event of a disaster, being able to eat foods your family is used to will help normalize the situation.

7) Safe storage – Sometimes bugs and rodents can infiltrate boxes and bags, but very seldom do they break into a can.