New 49ers Stadium to Come Equipped With Solar Power

49ers Stadium

The San Francisco 49ers are building a new state of the art football stadium that will be unlike any other NFL home field. Located in Santa Clara, the new stadium will be equipped to have a sustainable energy source. In combination with NRG Energy, the 49ers’ new home will use the sun to create its own energy.

NRG is going to help make the new football field the first professional football stadium to open with LEED certification, the recognized standard for measuring building sustainability. NRG will become the sole sustainable energy provider for the NFC West powerhouse and will install a number of solar elements.

NRG is planning to install several state-of-the-art solar elements, including three solar array-covered bridges, a solar canopy of the green roof on the suite tower, and solar panels over the 9ers’ training center. The arrays will have a total peak capacity of 400kW Solar Panelsand will be able to provide enough power over the course of a year to offset the power consumed by the stadium during home games. This will make the new stadium the first professional sports venue in California to achieve net zero energy performance.

This innovative new stadium will be the first in the next generation of stadium designs. One of the most unique features that the stadium will offer is the green roof at the top of the suite tower. The three solar bridges will connect the main parking to the stadium and will have hundreds of solar panels on them.

Not only will the Bay Area fans be able to enjoy the new “green” stadium’s new solar power, but there will be many other green initiatives. There will be public transit access to the stadium, bicycle parking, a walking path from the San Thomas Creek Trail, water conserving plumbing fixtures, recycled materials, and much more sustainable design elements.

New 49ers Stadium

Here are some of the specs for the new home of the San Francisco 49ers:

- Cost will be $1.2 Billion
- 1.85 million square feet, with approximately 68,500 seats and 165 luxury suites.
- Designed to be a multipurpose facility that can host soccer, motocross, concerts, and more
- Three solar panel-covered bridges
- Hundreds of solar panels at the practice facility
- Solar Canopy


The Doomsday Clock is Ticking

Doomsday Clock

The infamous “Doomsday Clock” is sitting firm at five minutes to midnight for 2013. A symbol of the threat of humanity’s imminent destruction, the Doomsday clock would theoretically strike twelve when the world is going to end. Only a figurative clock, the scientists who control it are still making many people nervous with only “5 minutes” to live.

Started in 1947, the Doomsday Clock originated as a way for atomic scientists to warn the world of the dangers of nuclear weapons. In its first year, the Doomsday Clock was set to seven minutes to midnight. The thought was that if the clock ever reached midnight, it would be the end of humanity. By 1949 the clocked had ticked its way to three minutes to midnight because of the United States rocky relationship with the Soviet Union. When the first hydrogen bomb test took place in 1953, the Doomsday Clock moved another minute closer to midnight.

Things started to look up for the world after that. In 1991, when the Cold War ended, the Doomsday Clock was the farthest from midnight it had ever been, reading 11:43 PM. However, since then, the clock just keeps ticking toward imminent destruction. Now the clock reflects the threat of nuclear or biological weapons, climate change, and other human-caused disasters. With the clock ticking closer to midnight, it might fuel the doomsday prepper trend, or at least get the show on the National Geographic Channel a few more views.

2013 opened up with the clock reading 5 minutes until midnight, highly in part to 2012 being the hottest year on record for the United States. A year filled with devastating drought and brutal storms, 2012 entered with a time of six minutes to midnight. The Doomsday Clock has been idle at five minutes to midnight for some time now. Since 2007, the clock has not changed except for 2010 and 2011, when the clock moved back to six minutes to midnight.

The clock was set back one minute when Obama was elected in office and the scientists who control the clock are optimistic that Obama will be able to wind the clock back once again. With strides in the country moving toward a more rational energy path, there is still hope.


Why You Should Own a Portable Garage

Portable Garage

Do you have investments such as a car, RV, trailer, or equipment that sit outside unprotected? Natural elements like rain, snow, and ultraviolet rays can damage your investments if they are left outside without protection. A portable garage can protect any of your investments to make sure they do not drastically decrease in value.

There are many reasons you should own a portable garage. If you have anything at your home or business that sits outside, it should be protected by a portable garage. You want to protect your investments from being damaged by the elements.

One of the main reasons you should have a portable garage is that they are inexpensive. A portable garage is much cheaper than a brick and mortar garage and requires no professional installation. When building an actual brick and mortar garage, you will need to pay for materials, installation, and permits. With a portable garage, you pay one price, build it yourself, and typically do not need any permits from the town. Some insurance companies even offer discounts when your vehicle is stored in a portable garage, because they know it is better protected.

You should have a portable garage because they are convenient. They can be set up and taken down with very little effort. If you do not like the location it is in, you can easily move it somewhere else. If you move homes, you can take your portable garage with you. You can also use a portable garage as shelter from the sun or rain for parties or other events.

A portable garage will provide your investment with superior protection. Portable gPortable Garage Depotarages are made to protect your car, supplies, equipment, or any other investment from being damaged. With UV resistant polyethylene tarps, a portable garage will make sure your investment is not damaged by the sun’s harmful rays. The tarps are water resistant, protecting your garage’s contents from water damage and rust. The tarp that covers your investments is also resistant to mold and mildew. With a frame that is made from galvanized steel and anchored to the ground, the shelter keeps your investments safe.

Cost, convenience, and protection are three reasons you should own a portable garage. Never leave your investments outside unprotected again. With different types of styles and colors, there is a portable garage that is right for you.

Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Winter Driving

With winter comes cold weather and rough driving conditions. Snow and ice can create dangerous driving conditions, allowing for accidents to become more prevalent. When driving in these winter conditions, you need to be more cautious or the consequences can be serious. An accident or breakdown in the extreme cold can lead to injury and even death. You can’t forget that if you are having trouble on the road, emergency personnel will not be able to get to you as fast, either. Before venturing out into the elements this winter, look over these driving tips.

Clear off the snow and ice before you drive – If you wake up to snow and ice all over your vehicle, make sure you thoroughly clean it off before you drive. Clear off as much snow as you can, including the snow on the roof of the vehicle. Also scrape any ice off the windows to make sure your vision is not hindered.

Have an emergency car kit - To be prepared for a break down or accident, you should have an emergency car kit in your car. There areWinter Emergency Car Kit winter car emergency kits that will have supplies that can save your life. They will have a blanket, jumper cables, gloves, shovel, and other supplies. Always have one in your car when doing any traveling in hazardous driving conditions.

Be light on the pedal – When starting from a standstill, it is important to accelerate slowly to avoid any wheel spin.

Drive SLOW – In slippery conditions, your tires will lose traction easier. By driving slower and giving yourself more space between other cars, you can have more time to react.

Don’t lock up the wheels – If you need to slow down and you do not have ABS, you should gently pump the brakes, not slam on them. If you lock up the wheels by slamming on the brakes, you will cause your vehicle to skid. If your vehicle has ABS, you should press the breaks and hold it. The brakes will make a shuddering sound and you should feel a sensation in the pedal. This means the ABS system is working correctly.

Perform one action at a time- Do not try and brake while turning when driving in icy conditions. Brake the vehicle while going straight and then turn to avoid sliding. Also wait until you are straight again to start accelerating.

Know how to correct a slide – If you are in a turn and the baWinter Safetyck wheels begin to slide out, gently let of the gas pedal and turn the wheel towards the slide. Doing this should straighten the vehicle back out.

Don’t be fearless - Just because your vehicle is AWD does not mean you should drive recklessly. All AWD will do for you is provide extra traction when accelerating; it does not provide any advantage when braking or cornering.

Be aware of your surroundings - Other drivers can be the most dangerous part of driving in the bad weather. Other drivers may not be as cautious and can be a risk to you. Leave extra space between other motorists so you have more time to react to them. Also you should signal early to alert vehicles that are behind you.

Home Defense Tactics

A break-in, trespassing, or theft can happen in any home. When it comes to protecting your home and family, you should not spare any expense. As a safety measure, you should purchase the appropriate defense products to protect your home or business. Home defense products like security cameras, audio/video recorders, and diversion safes can be a great way to protect your family or valuables.

There are many defense tactics you can use to protect your property from intruders. They can be either visible or conspicuous, record activity indoors or outdoors, make audio and video records, or even just serve as a deterrent. Based on your safety needs, you can choose the tactic that is right for you.

Security Camera





Cameras can be one of the best deterrents for burglars. You can purchase both security camera systems and dummy cameras. Security cameras alone can make a potential thief think twice about trying anything on your property. Dummy cameras look just like regular ones, are placed in plain sight so they can be seen, and are cheaper than a security system. With a security system, you view every angle of your property inside and out. The kits come with cameras, a monitor screen, and a recording device. You can see an intruder before they enter your home and stay one step ahead of them. They are great for large properties, so you can keep an eye on everything. If you are not home when a break-in occurs, the cameras will be recording the thief’s every step and help identify them. While visible camera systems can be great deterrents, there are also hidden cameras that can capture a break in without the burglar even knowing it. They can be shaped like radios, air fresheners, smoke detectors, mirrors, and even clocks. The thief will not be able to avoid the camera because they will have no idea where they are!

Audio/Video Recorder




Audio/Video Recorder

For security camera systems that only show real time events, adding an audio/video recorder can be a great upgrade. Being able to supply evidence to the authorities involving suspicious activity or theft can be the difference when trying to make an arrest. You can record telephone conversations if you are being harassed over the phone or use microphones to record sound inside or outside your home. Being able to playback what the cameras catch can be a priceless advantage in home defense.

Book Safe



Diversion Safes


When a burglar breaks into your home, they want to grab the most expensive things they can in a short period of time and get out. They will most likely be looking for a safe because they know that is where people keep their most valuable items. It has been found that one of the best places to hide your valuables is in plain sight, where the thieves would never think to look. Diversion safes come in the form of everyday items and do not look suspicious at all. They can look like flower pots, books, shaving cream cans, salt shakers, or even dog food. It is unlikely that a thief will try and see if there are any valuables hidden in a jar of peanut butter that is in the cupboard. The diversion safes are even weighted so they seem like they are full of the contents that are on the label.

When it comes to protecting your home, family, business, or valuables, you need to use the proper defense tactics. You can’t put a price on someone’s life, and it is worth it to spend money to protect your most valuable possessions.