Military Bags

military bagMilitary bags are built especially for survival-mode, and they are one of the best ways to store survival supplies on the go or in case of urgent evacuation. Available in a variety of camouflage patterns and various shapes, sizes, and configurations to meet any need, our military bags can be packed to be ready for you in your time of need. Emergency survival is not a game, but you can still win by being heavily prepared and coming out ahead of the pack. These military packs are rugged and durable, and are sure to enhance your survival capabilities in an urban or rural setting. Through rugged terrain like jungle or across a sandy desert, you’ll be better prepared when you travel with a military bag from Survival Supply.

You can use a military bag to carry just about any kind of supplies with you. The fact that you can easily throw it on your back makes it ideal in case you need to head out on foot. Pack your survival food, first aid kit, knife, flashlight, hand-crank radio in there and you’ve got yourself a survival bag, my camo bag for kids military

Duffle bags, backpacks, laptop bags and more are available through our website and we can customize most items with your company logo if you’d like. We have a wide array of styles to choose from. Our children’s backpack even comes in pink camo.

Whatever terrain you’re facing, be glad you came prepared with military bags from Survival Supply, an official government and military contractor meeting the needs of our nation, our government, our military, and our citizens through the most challenging times we face. Survival Supply is your source for emergency kits, emergency radios, first aid kits, home defense and more. Survival and preparedness is our business, and we want to keep you ready.

First Aid Supplies

automobile first aid kitYou might not know it, but disaster can strike when you least expect it. Unexpected emergencies are really the only kind that there are, but even so, you can do your best to be prepared for the circumstances that may arise, whether you’re in your home, your office, or on the road.

First aid supplies save lives, and in less extreme situations can prevent infections, excess bleeding, and psychological trauma in some circumstances. The security of having a first-aid kit on-hand at all times is valuable and comforting. We want you to feel secure and be prepared for every possible circumstance.

All first-aid kits should have certain basic first aid supplies, without exception. Bandages of varying sizes and with different adhesive capability are always good to have on-hand. Having an antiseptic is extremely advisable and some vinyl gloves may come in handy, also. These items and more can be found in our first aid kits and we have a variety of kits to choose from. We have kits for the home, and we have first aid kits for the office or industrial environment. Every car should be equipped with a first aid kit, so we carry 9 different car kits for road-trip emergencies for you to choose from.

At Survival Supply, we aim to be the one-stop emergency supply company for all of our customers. We carry everything you might need in any type of disaster, and we want to help you prepare for the worst situations.

While we hope that the time does not come when our products prove essential to your well-being, we do want you to be ready for anything, and we strive to carry an extensive variety of survival products to meet your needs. We carry lines of products from survival food supplies to hand-crank radios and home defense products as well.

An official government and military contractor, Survival Supply is a trusted organization in the preparedness industry. We want to keep you prepared, as well.

Emergency Car Kits

Your car could be the most important place you can keep an emergency preparedness kit. You never know where you might be when an emergency strikes you and your vehicle… but if the chances are fair that it will be somewhere further than walking distance from your home, out on the highway or in some remote area, you’ll be so glad you packed a bag just in case such an emergency one day arose.

The best thing is to have something prepared for a disaster but not need it. When the time does come to get out of a bad situation, however, having something prepared and needing it is the next best thing. Nobody wants to be in a dangerous or scary situation, but having the foresight to plan ahead makes you smart and ready for anything.

Car kits are essential for anyone who travels by automobile. Being ready for anything means having the right tool for the job, no matter what life throws your way. With our roadside emergency kits, we can equip you to be prepared for car break-downs, tumultuous weather, and more.

Roadside emergency kits can contain anything that you may need in the event of an unexpected circumstance while you’re driving. You might want to have an umbrella, a first-aid kit, or any number of items you would personally prefer to have. You can get your emergency car kit started with an All-in-One Car Emergency Kit or our Roadside Safety Kit and add more items to it. The All-In-One Ultimate Winter Kit is very comprehensive and includes many items that can help you stay prepared. If you are watching your budget, please look at the Best Value Car Emergency Kit for a great value. It is better to be safe than sorry, so please do not let your budget prevent you from being safe and prepared.

We also have the Commuter Car Emergency Kits with practical items that are likely to come in handy down the road, excuse the pun.

A Fake Camera can Deter Criminal Activity: Dummy Cameras

The expense of a home security system is not always in the budget of American home owners. There’s more than one way to protect your home, however, and we have the cost-effective solution may be very glad to have found.  Deterring criminal activity in and around your home is easy with the use of a faux camera, or dummy camera.  This is simply an exact replica of a real security camera, which does its job simply by wadummy camerarning thieves and other criminals that their actions will be caught on tape. There is no way for someone to know whether the camera is actually recording or not, so by setting up a dummy camera in plain sight, you deter the cowardly criminal from even attempting anything unsavory.

Survival Supply offers several dummy cameras to help you keep your property secure without shelling out thousands of dollars for setting up surveillance systems that are constantly monitored.  Most crime can be prevented by simply letting the soon-to-be criminal think twice by letting them know they’ll probably be caught, if not in the act, then eventually.

More and more crimes are solved these days by camera footage that captured the illegal activity on tape, so most would-be criminals are going to be reluctant to try anything if they can plainly see the camera in place.  Though the camera won’t be filming them, they’ll have no way of knowing that, and it’s a risk probably left better untaken. They’ll walk away, and your property and home will be left alone.

In these financially uncertain times, it might be best to hold off on expenses that aren’t absolutely critical. The economy is still recovering from the havoc of late 2008. While a fake camera may not be able to capture the face of an individual on tape, the deterrent factor is through the roof, and as a low-cost security solution, dummy cameras can’t be beat.

Best Ways to Store Emergency Food

stored emergency rationsWhere and how should emergency food be stored? In many cases, you are going to need your survival food to be in the same area that you plan on doing your surviving. Storing your survival food on-site is the best idea. Other supplies you could store somewhere, or you can have some of your food in storage, but emergency food should initially be kept where you’ll be the most likely to have access to it, which is also where you would probably need it the most, as well: at home.

Store food in a dry place, somewhere that is low in humidity if possible. Moisture can cause problems with stored foods like rice or anything else where bacteria could grow, and you should always be cautious of where you’re storing them. Also, if you are storing any canned goods, you will want to be sure that there is no possibility of rusting from excessive humidity or moisture.

Unless you are storing the food in a bomb shelter or basement or other place where flooding is not an issue, you should store your supplies somewhere high-up if possible.  While this may not always be an option, it’s suggested that you store your emergency food as high up as you can to prevent flood waters from affecting your supply in any way.what if?

Nobody should have access to the area if they do not need it. If you have these supplies stored in your home then you should keep them out of the way and somewhere only you have access to, like a locked room or a safe.

You can never be sure what kind of drastic circumstances will surround an emergency situation, and when disaster strikes, the magnitude of the disaster could be such that you really will need to hide your supplies. The best place you can hide your emergency food supply is somewhere that hasn’t been mentioned here, because it hasn’t been thought of yet.