The Importance of First Aid Skills

First Aid KitsWhen people are building their survival kits in preparation of a disaster or emergency they think about adding the survival basics such as water, food, light, and a first aid kit. The first aid kit is a crucial item in every survival kit but if you don’t know how to use it or perform basic first aid then your kit may end up being next to useless. While most people know how to apply a bandage there are many other elements of first aid that are important to know that just may help save a life some day.

The first thing that you should do if you know that you are not qualified to perform first aid is find a first aid course in the town where you live. First aid classes are offered in a variety of locations so you should be able to find a convenient one that fits into your schedule. Depending on the course you take you will be able to learn the basics of first aid or more extensive procedures that would be useful in other settings, such as the wilderness. These classes will give you the skills that are needed to clean a small wound and apply a bandage or to save a life if a greater emergency occurs.

While attending your first aid course you will also likely learn about what should be in every first aid kit. If you already have a first aid kit in your survival stockpile and you notice that you are running low on a couple of items now would be the perfect time to do some restocking. By contacting a trusted survival supply retailer you will be able to stock up without worrying about the products being subpar. If you take a more extensive first aid class that focuses on trauma care you may want to add a trauma kit to your stockpile as well. These kits often have items that you would need in case of a dire emergency when multiple people have been harmed.

By having your first aid kit on hand and a first aid class or two under your belt you will be prepared for what may happen in case a disaster does occur and someone is harmed. You will be able to rest assured that you are prepared during an emergency which will prevent you and others from panicking in fear of being unsure of what to do next.

Different Types of Emergency Lights

Emergency LightsThink about the things that you may take advantage of in your every day life and what you would do if some of those things were gone tomorrow. When you walk into your house one of the first things that you probably do is reach for a lamp or a light switch. Light allows you to see things better and avoid any possible hazards; when the electricity goes out due to a storm or any other type of disaster you will be without light until the emergency subsides and utility employees are able to get out in the field and complete all of the necessary repairs.

Your first thought might be to reach for the candles but these can be hard to light if you don’t know exactly where your matches are not to mention dangerous. You could easily knock over a candle and start a fire if you’re not careful; a safer and more practical alternative is a flashlight or other emergency light. There are a variety of lights on the market that make great additions to any emergency survival kit, it is important to evaluate your plan of action when it comes to emergency survival so you can pick the optimal products for you.

For example if you don’t plan on stocking up on tons of batteries then you should definitely have a few wind-up or crank flashlights that can easily be powered by you turning a crank. If you want flashlights that are able to be powered by something a little more than a hand crank then battery-powered flashlights will be a great fit for your survival kit. You may want to purchase durable flashlights that are made to withstand wear and tear if you plan on using them in the time of an emergency. Lanterns are another great battery operated choice that will give you a more stationary source of light to use.

You should also throw a few other emergency light sources such as glow sticks and small candles in your emergency kit to use in case you ever do run out of batteries. Having lots of back up options for lighting will come in handy in case the power is ever out for an extended period of time. You should also make sure that you have battery backups in anything that has a battery compartment but normally runs on electricity, such as alarm clocks.

Why Your Car Needs a Winter Survival Kit

Winter Survival KitIf you live in an area where it snows frequently then you are probably preparing for winter. From pulling your snow blower out of storage to turning the heat on in your house there are probably lots of step to preparing for the season. If you have an emergency preparedness kit you may be adding to that as well just incase a blizzard or some other type of disaster strikes this winter. One thing that you should pick up while stocking up isn’t going to go into your stockpile but instead into your car; having a winter survival kit in your car is crucial to your safety this winter and it may come in handy more often than you think.

If you live in a locale where winters are particularly harsh you probably dread the thought of getting stuck outside. Unfortunately there are times when you may face a situation that ends with you getting stuck outside; this is especially true for those who drive in the winter. If your car breaks down, you get a flat tire, run out of gas, or get in a fender bender you will be stuck outside until help arrives. By adding a winter survival kit to your car you will be better prepared incase you are stuck outside for an extended period of time.

There are a variety of winter emergency preparedness car kits on the market to meet all of your needs. It is important to buy a well stocked kit and to purchase any extra that you may need to accommodate larger families. Your kit will likely include: a first aid kit, light sticks, a reflective vest, jumper cables, a flashlight, batteries, tire sealant, and much more. You should also have extra blankets in your trunk during the winter to keep yourself and your family warm in case something does happen to your vehicle. Also always insist that your friends and family wear their coats, hats, and gloves before getting in the car in the winter, it may prove to be just as life saving as a seatbelt.

Living With a Long Power Outage with a Solar Generator

Your survival supply kit is likely packed to the brim if you are a person who practices emergency preparedness. From first aid kids and dehydrated food packets to a water filtration device and emergency lights you probably have everything you think that you may need in the event of an emergency. But what happens when the power goes out and then it stays out? You won’t have a way to power some of the more crucial things in your life; this is why it is a good idea to add a generator to your survival supply kit, even if you don’t anticipate using it frequently.

A solar powered generator makes a great addition to any survival supply kit because it relies on one element that you will be able to count on: the sun. A solar generator will be able to power some of the luxuries you may rely on during your day to day life. Whether you are at home and a storm knocks the power out or you are on a camping trip you will find dozens of uses for your solar powered generator. It is important to keep in mind that you will likely need a few hours to charge your solar generator so if you know you will be using it make sure you charge it up ahead of time.

Adding a solar powered generator to your survival supply kit may seem cumbersome but you can actually find rather compact models with a bit of research that will help make your life a bit simpler in the event of an emergency.  Check with the company that provides your survival supplies to see if they also sell solar generators, if they don’t you can ask for a recommendation for a reliable company that produces an excellent products. Your solar generator is going to be an investment so it is important that you purchase an exceptional product so you aren’t just replacing or repairing it in a few months. So while the price tag may seem a little surprising remember all of the convenience that it is sure to offer down the road.

Getting Clean Water after Disaster Strikes

Emergency Water SupplyIf you ask anyone what any human needs to survive one of the answers will surely be water. But humans can’t just drink just any water; the water has to be clean to ensure that they remain healthy. However, in the event of an emergency there might not always be clean water available from your faucet so it is important that you have a way to obtain clean water. Your first thought may be to just stock up on bottled water but this can get expensive and the bottles often just get thrown away and clutter up landfills even more. Instead you can invest in an emergency water filter that will provide water inexpensively and prevent the use of disposable containers.

If you have an emergency supply stockpile and it is lacking a water filtration device then your stockpile is incomplete. You can have all of the dehydrated food, bandages, and flashlights that you want in your emergency kit but if you don’t have enough clean water you won’t be able to survive to use your emergency kit. There are a variety of water filters on the market for you to choose from or you may decide to go an alternative route of water storage; by adding a water storage tank to your home you can store clean water at your home and easily access it if and when you need to.

If you are unsure of which water solution is going to be right for you it is a good idea to conduct some research about all of your options. By being educated about clean water consumption options you will be able to make the decision that is right for yourself and your family. By having the water filtration system or storage tank that is right for you it will be simple to use it and you will be able to use is quickly and efficiently in a time of need. So add a clean water solution to your survival supply today to ensure that your family stays health, even in the time of an emergency.

Using Trauma Kits in Time of an Emergency

Trauma KitsIt is quite likely that you will find a first aid kit in most homes you enter from a single portable first aid kit or a stocked first aid cabinet with a few satellite kits throughout the house. If you have a survival stockpile in your home there is probably a first aid kit in there too, which is undoubtedly useful but have you consider the benefits of adding a trauma kit as well? A trauma kit differs from your standard first aid kit in that it is more extensive and offers more products that will be useful for taking care of those who are hurt or ill in the event of a disaster.

A trauma kit comes with many of the things that your basic first aid kit does but it also comes with items that are used to treat more severe wounds or ailments. Trauma kits are often packed in convenient duffle bags so you will be able to carry the kit with you to a person who is injured as opposed to bringing the person to your supplies. By evaluating your family and who you believe you would be helping during dire situations you will be able to decide what size trauma kit will be right for you. Whether you need a trauma kit for 5, 50, or 500 you will be able to find it when shopping with a survival supply company.

With your trauma kit you will be able to clean, wrap, and bandage larger wounds that your first aid kit might not be suitable for. If you have a larger trauma kit you will also be able to help those around you such as friends, family, and neighbors when a disaster does occur because you will have extra supplies. Make sure you always keep your trauma kit organized as there are many items in it so it could get confusing; by having it organized you will know where each thing is when you need it instead of having to dig around in the duffle. Increase your emergency preparedness today by adding a trauma kit your emergency stockpile; even if an emergency doesn’t arise you will surely get a use out of all of the basic first aid supplies that are included in trauma kits.

Creating a Portable Survival Kit

Portable Survival KitWhen you are within the confines of your home and you have your emergency preparedness kit on hand you likely feel very secure. But what about when you are out and about away from you home? Disaster can strike at any time and it is important that you have at least a few elements of your home survival kit on hand. By creating a smaller and more portable survival kit to carry with you in your car or on your person you will be better prepared when you are away from home. You will not be able to carry everything with you so it is important that you decide which items are absolutely necessary and which may not be as useful when away from home.

There are many options to consider when building your portable emergency kit but the two simplest options are either buying a pre-made emergency kit or building your own kit out of new supplies. If you want to purchase a pre-made portable emergency kit it is a good idea to contact the company you buy your survival supplies from and see if they offer portable options; if they do you can easily place your order and you’ll be ready to go. But if you are going to be making your own kit you’ll have to buy separate items and compile your own kit.

Some of the basics that you should include in your kit are: a mini first aid kit, a multi-tool, matches, a flashlight, a compass, an emergency blanket, an energy bar, and water. This may sound like a lot but you can easily fit these into a compact knapsack and take it with you wherever you go. So whether you’re just driving to the mall or you’re going on a hike you’ll have many of the items that you would need if an emergency arose. It is also a good idea to have your cell phone on you at all times so you can contact the authorities if something does happen or you can call a friend or family member to bring you extra supplies if you need them and they are not in your portable emergency supply kit.

Building up a Survival Supply Stockpile

Survival SupplyNo one wants to think about an emergency or disaster striking but unfortunately these events do occur on occasion. Sometimes the emergencies can be minor or there may be a huge disaster but it is likely that you won’t be sure of the scale of the disaster until it occurs so it is a good idea to be prepared. One of the best ways you can prepare for any emergency is by creating a survival supply stockpile. A collection of emergency and disaster supplies will create a stockpile that will help keep you protected if disaster ever strikes and you don’t have access to stores that carry the supplies you need in your day to day.

The first step you can take in creating your own survival supply stockpile is by contacting a trusted friend or family member who has a stockpile of their own. You will be able to find out what supplies are necessary for a basic starter kit and what supplies should be added over time. You will also be able to find out where you should be purchasing your emergency supplies from; by ordering your supplies online you will easily be able to get them shipped to your home and you’ll be able to shop without leaving your home. If you are the first of your friends to start your survival stockpile then you can turn to the internet to discover what should be in your kit.

Your stockpile should include the basic such as a first aid kit and a water filtration system along with freeze dried food; you may also want to include more complex items such as a generator or a composter. As your stockpile builds you will be able to rest assured that your family will be prepared incase an emergency ever hits near your home. Once you have started building your own stockpile you will be able to share your knowledge with friends and family to help them become prepared for any impending disasters.

How Emergency Supplies May Just Save Your Life Someday

Emergency SuppliesPeople today prepare for most things in life; whether it is something as simple as a trip to the grocery store or something more major like retirement or sending their children to college people are preparing. You may even pride yourself on your planning abilities and execution, but one thing that many people don’t think to plan for is a large-scale emergency. Emergencies or disasters can lead to widespread panic which may lead to people snatching up every supply imaginable at your local stores leaving nothing behind.

By preparing ahead of time and stocking up on emergency supplies as you go if a disaster ever does hit you will be able to access your supplies from the convenience of your home. Your emergency supply kit is likely going to be as unique as your family is; from something as typical as a first aid kit to freeze dried food and more elaborate disaster supplies like solar powered generators you could have anything in your emergency supplies. By knowing what is in your emergency supplies and keeping accurate stock of everything you may just save your own life or that of a friend or family member some day.

If someone is harmed during the emergency and you have a first aid or trauma kit you will be able to attend to their injury and possibly even save their lives. You will save your family from starving or dehydration by stocking up on food storages and clean water or a water filtration system before the emergency hits. And these are just a few of the products that will come in handy and are used to save lives; by doing research and finding the best emergency supplies for your home and family you will be set to go if an emergency or disaster ever does occur.

The Importance of Having a Freeze Dried Food Supply

Freeze Dried FoodIt has been nearly impossible to turn on the television or open a newspaper lately without learning about the occurrence of another disaster somewhere in the world. While some people may be prepared for times of emergency many people are not and this is something that needs to change as soon as possible. While the threat of running out of food in the time of an emergency may seem terrifying it doesn’t have to be by stocking up on freeze dried food before anything detrimental occurs.

No one wants to think about the possibility that they’ll run out of food and not be able to visit their grocery store but it is better to tackle this prospect head on before a disaster actually occurs. Food is freeze dried by dehydrating the perishable product by freezing the food then reducing the surrounding pressure to remove the frozen water and then sealing it in a bag or can; this process makes the food far lighter and simpler to transport.  To prepare your freeze dried food you simply have to add clean water and wait, this is made possible because the freeze dried product is very porous and ready to absorb water. This process also helps preserve the taste of the food as opposed to other processes such as canning or traditional dehydration.

You can find many of your favorite foods in freeze dried forms which will help your family feel a bit more comfortable in time of an emergency. While the freeze dried alternatives will not taste exactly the same you will be able to rest assured that you are prepared just in case emergency hits. You’ll also be happy to know that as long as your freeze dried food is stored in a cool, dry location it can have a shelf life of up to 25 or even 30 years depending on the brand.

Once you make the decision to add freeze dried food to our emergency supplies make sure you purchase enough to sustain your entire family for at least a week or two. Freeze dried food is an investment that you will be thankful for purchasing if an emergency arises.  Before thinking about purchasing alternative to freeze dried food keep in mind how light-weight and tasty these foods are as well.